Steam Humidifiers



Powerful. User-friendly.


The electrode steam humidifier.  Up to four Condair CP3 units can be linked together. This combination produces a steam output of up to 180 kg/h - reliably producing hygenic steam.

The menu is clearly structured, components can be easily accessed and the steam cylinder replaced with a minimum of effort.

Normal drinking water - hygienic steam

  • Dependability and operational reliability
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Optimised water consumption
  • Modbus, LonWorks and BACnet


Environmentally friendly. Safe.


 More efficient than any other system. Gas not only offers a unique cost-benefit ratio, but is also one of the most reliable energy sources from an environment point of view. The Condair GS operates with natural or propane gas.

The innovative 360° full-circle burner technology enables the achievement of a thermal efficiency level up to 90%.

Modern technology combined with intelligent features. This means a long service life with short installation and maintenance periods, enhanced comfort and high performance.

  • Maximum steam output in shorter time periods
  • Amortisation period: from two years depending on gas price
  • Accessible interior
  • All-round safety
  • e-LINKS: BACnet, LonWorks and Modbus interface



 MK 5


Low maintenance. Reliability. Superior control accuracy.

The Mk5 resistance steam humidifier generates between 5 and 80 kg steam per hour. Demineralized or normal drinking water can be used. The patented scale management drains the scale continuously during steam production into the scale collector tank. This guarantees long durability and short maintenance times.

  • Patented scale management

  • External scale collector tank

  • Stainless steel cylinder

  • Completely hygenic steam

  • Precise control accuracy

  • e-LINKS: BACnet, LON and Modbus interface




Live Steam Humidifiers


Condair ESCO 

Low maintenance and control accuracy.


The Condair Esco steam humidifying system utilises steam from an existing steam supply network for humidifying. The performance ranges up to approx. 2000 kg/h. 
The hermetically-sealed ceramic rotary disk valve is completely wear resistant and ensures that losses caused by shutdowns are ruled out completely. A linear valve characteristic curve is guaranteed, thus enabling the achievement of a very high degree of control accuracy. 
Patented stainless steel steam nozzles draw steam free of condensation from the core flow. This enables the achievement of uniform humidifying conforming to VDI 6022.

  • Hermetically-sealed ceramic rotary disk valve
  • A linear valve characteristic curve ensures an extremely high degree of control accuracy
  • Steam discharge free of condensation, thanks to patented stainless steel steam nozzles
  • Heating of the air flow through a jacket heating system can be dispensed with 
    Short humidifying distances



Condair SE

The Condair SE humidifier operates from raw boiler steam and produces pure, sterile steam for air humidification purposes.

The raw boiler steam is passed through a stainless steel heat exchanger, providing the heat to produce clean sterilised steam that is distributed to the air handling unit or duct.

The Condair SE is available in a variety of outputs with models ranging from 23 to 477kg/hr.

It is ideal for use in buildings with a central boiler system, like hospitals or large institutions.


The Condair SE has been designed to need minimal maintenance, and when servicing is required, it is simple and straight forward. The heat exchangers incorporate large flat surfaces that shed scale and help maintain efficient heat transfer.

An outdoor model is available with weather-proof enclosure, freeze protection valve and cabinet heater.

Quality construction, a user-friendly design and a variety of flexible options make the Condair SE the number one choice for steam-to-steam humidification.








Condair Drabbe Airfog

• High flexibility through modular design 
• Low installation outlay 
• Fully factory assembled 
• No special water treatment 
• Self cleaning nozzle 
• Low maintenance operation 
• System variants

Condair HP, HPPRO

The Condair HP high pressure spray humidifier can provide up to 1,300kg/hr of humidification and a potential 884kW of adiabatic cooling from just 2.2kW of consumed energy.

A high pressure pump feeds RO water, at up to 70bar, to a system of atomising nozzles located inside a duct. The precision engineered nozzles create a fine mist that rapidly evaporates into the air stream raising its humidity and decreasing its temperature. 

A droplet separator is positioned downstream of the nozzles to contain the mist within the humidification section and guarantee droplet-free humidification.

The Condair HP provides a cost effective solution for air handling systems incorporating multiple humidification and cooling elements. A single pump station is able to feed different nozzle grids in up to four separate zones.

Condair SH2

Efficient. Customized. Top performing.


The Condair SH 2 can use drinking water or demineralised water for evaporation.

The large surface of the patented SH2 media results in a high evaporation efficiency with low energy consumption. The high-quality V-shaped synthetic mats are free from glass fibres and cellulose.


  • Efficient cooling through water evaporation
  • High evaporation effect due to V-shape of humidification media mats
  • Direct- or reflow water circulation principles
  • e-LINKS: BACnet, LonWorks and Modbus interface
Condair HE2

The Condair HE2 has the smallest carbon footprint of any of our humidifiers and also provides up to 12 Deg C evaporative cooling, which helps to reduce a building's cooling requirement.  The Condair HE2 uses less than 0.5kW making it much cheaper to run than other humidifiers and much better for the environment.

At the heart of the Condair HE2 is the evaporative module, which is installed in an AHU or duct. Water is supplied to the top of a fully bonded particle free matrix and flows down its corrugated surface.  The water that doesn’t evaporate assists in washing the matrix material and flows into a stainless steel tank at the base of the unit before being re-circulated up on to the matrix again.

The Condair HE2 offers up to 12 Deg C of cooling and a very economical alternative or supplement to mechanical chillers.  As the air passes over the cool, wet surface of the Condair HE2 evaporative matrix, there is a transfer of energy as the water evaporates.

Evaporative cooling is not a substitute for air conditioning as there are still some instances where direct mechanical cooling is required. However, the Condair HE2 provides free-cooling and reduces the overheads of DX chiller units, as well as the benefit of humidification in winter when the air is cool and dry.

The Condair HE2 microprocessor control system is located outside the AHU, up to 100m away from the evaporative module. The compact system gives digital control over desired relative humidity or temperature levels, flush, drain and other water quality maintenance features.

Due to its modular design, the Condair HE2 can be built to suit any AHU/duct size.  It is easy to install as it has only three simple connections for the services: a gravity drain with integrated overflow, a direct water connection to the evaporative module and a power connection to the control panel.

The only other connections that have to be made are two compression fittings to the PureFlo Ag+ silver ion dosing system and the evaporative module is ready for commissioning.



Condair DL 

Maximum hygiene and cost-effectiveness, thanks to hybrid humidifying technology.


 The Condair Dual 2 hygiene concept is based on several stages:
Only demineralised and perfectly hygienic fresh water is utilised. All internal system water lines are drained completely when the system is shut down. The water supply line is purged automatically each time the unit is started. In addition to this, continuous monitoring of humidifying water conductance protects the humidifying system against mineral deposits.
Controlled silver ionising of humidifying water to meet requirements guarantees reliable neutralisation of bacteria and ensures that hygienic conditions prevail throughout the entire humidifying zone.   The patented evaporation unit consists of consecutively-arranged ceramic elements, enabling complete surface flow contact, total separation of aerosols and a high post-evaporation rate. 
Continuous inspections by the Fresenius Institute verify that hygiene safety requirements are met. These are confirmed by the SGS Fresenius Hygiene Certificate. The humidifier performance ranges from 4...2000 l/h.


  • Multi-stage hygiene concept
  • Reliable bacteria neutralisation
  • Supply air free of aerosols
  • Complete surface flow contact
  • Intelligent control unit
  • Fresenius Hygiene Certificate



Condair ABS3

Easy to care for. Quiet. And for fine aerosol mist.


Defensor atomisers represent the most practical technical solution in industrial production, storage facilities and the breeding and keeping of livestock.
Defensor atomisers are characterised by low power consumption and an enhanced atomising effect, thus achieving an excellent humidifying capacity.

Defensor atomisers are also suitable for harsh conditions, thanks to the robust materials employed and design features which facilitate care. They have a long service life and require very little maintenance, even where enormous stress and unfavourable conditions such as dust or heat are involved.

  • Universal applications
  • Simple connection to water mains
  • Low operating costs
  • One, two, expansion option to suit your needs

Condair 505

Simply universal.


Horizontal or vertical? The deflector hoods supplied with this compact atomiser enable individual direction of a fine aerosol mist absolutely free of droplets. The unit can be cleaned with a minimum of effort, and you can decide whether you wish to connect your Defensor 505 to the mains water supply or, alternatively, utilise the manually-filled water tank.

Defensor 3001


Maximum safety.


The Defensor 3001 really comes into its own in industrial and commercial premises with a room volume of 500 m3. The deflector hood directs the aerosol mist exactly where you require it, as the outlet can be continuously adjusted. The Defensor 3001 is equipped with a manually-filled tank, or fully-automatic operation is also possible (i.e. by connecting it to the mains water supply). The thermal overload switch deactivates the unit if the water level drops too low, ensuring maximum operating safety.



Comfort Humidifiers 

Condair Defensor PH15

The Defensor PH 15 air humidifier and purifier is specially designed for large rooms. The PH 15 employs the evaporator principle which humidifies air sparingly and with minimum energy consumption and is particularly suitable for use in museums, galleries and living rooms.

In office premises, walk-in humidors or other rooms in which a pleasant room atmosphere is desired, the PH 15 humidifies efficiently to meet requirements while simultaneously purifying the air of dirt and dust.

  • Simple and convenient maintenance
  • Economical operation
  • Hygienic and dust free humidification
  • Humidification capacity up to 1,7 l/h

 PH 28

Economical. Quiet. Very easy to operate.


The Defensor PH 28 improves air in museums, galleries, large offices, tobacco warehouses and other spacious premises.

The wireless external sensor remotely coordinates the performance of all connected PH 28 units in very large rooms. This dispenses with cables and ensures optimum humidification throughout the premise.

Simply change the filter in summer, and the Defensor PH 28 cleans air of odours, pollen and fine dust, allowing you to breathe easy again.

  • Water filling is made easy
  • Economical consumption
  • Hygienic and dust free humidification
  • Humidification capacity up to 2,7 l/h