On-off and Control Valves

We have been supplying on–off and control valves since 1995. Our valves are installed in all major industries – oil, gas, food, chemical and power, and used by such end users as Orlen Lithuania, Achema, Lifosa, Klaipėda oil terminal and Elektrenai power plant. We are in a position to supply high quality equipment and maintenance services.

JSC AGAVA specialises not only in suppplying hi-tech equipment, but in automation of technological processes as well. Our scope of activities is very wide – designing and implementing automation sistems for HVAC and BMS systems, as well as for complex processes in  handling steam, gas, various liquid and gas stae chemical agents. Wide equipment scope enables us to cope with special applications,  hazardous areas, high pressures ant temperatures. Up to date sealing materials and methods prevent the leakage of hazardous materials. This makes us able to offer valves for most demanding applications. Furthermore, the module construction of our valves and actuators saves money and energy of the customer.

Our valves conform to DIN, ANSI and JIS standards.

We can offer a wide range of industrial and HVAC valves with wide range of possible actuation solutions (manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, ets.). Various „fail-safe“ and ESD (Emergency Shut Down) solutions and combinations are possible.

With our expertise, we are sure we can help you to select and supply a valve and /or actuator for any industrial and HAVC application.