Soft Starters






Soft start/stop static starters for three-phase asynchronous motors

  • Range 7,5kW - 110kW
  • Power supply voltage range 200 - 575Vac
  • Internal By-pass Contactor
  • Input frequency 50 - 60Hz
  • Full compatibility with teleservice software “REMOTE DRIVE” on internet


ASAC0 is the right solution to save space and keep costs under control. Besides the features of ASAC0, the ASAC1 grants a reliable motor protection and current control.

  • Compact dimensions
  • Internal By-pass contactor
  • 400% max allowed overload of the nominal current
  • IP20 Enclosure (<=ASAC 55kW)
  • 3 Adjustments: Initial start voltage, Start ramp time, Soft stop ramp time
  • 6 Indications: No control power, Starter Ready, Starter tripped, Motor not running, Motor running at full speed, Motor starting/stopping
  • 3 Alarms: Power circuit, Supply frequency
  • Communication
  • 2 digital inputs: Start, Stop
  • 1 Output relay: Main contactor relay
  • Local reset
  • Control power supply: 110-240Vac and 380-440Vac
  • Power supply: 200-440Vac ±10% / 200-575Vac ±10%
  • Input frequency: 50-60Hz ±10%


  • 8 adjustments: Motor FLC, Current Ramp, Current Limit, Motor Trip Class, Soft Stop Time, Excess Start Time, Phase Sequence Protection, Auxiliary Relay Function
  • 5 additional Alarms: Excess start time, Motor overload, Motor thermistor, Phase imbalance, Phase sequence
  • 1 additional Digital input: Motor thermistor probe
  • 1 additional Output relay: Programmable relay


  • 24Vac/Vdc Control Power Supply
  • Extra-fast fuses
  • RS485 Serial communication port with MODBUS RTU DeviceNet, Profi bus, ASI protocol
  • Remote control panel (RS485 doubler, one 4-20mA output)
  • RS232/485 converter






Soft start/stop static starters for three-phase asynchronous motors

The ASAB is an advanced digital soft start solution for motors from 7 kW to 800 kW. ASAB soft starters provide a complete range of motor and system protection features and have been designed for reliable performance in the most demanding installation situations


Extensive starting and stopping options

  • AAC Adaptive
  • Acceleration Control
  • Constant current
  • Current ramp
  • Timed voltage ramp soft stop
  • Brake

Models for all connection requirements

  • 23 A to 1600 A (nominal)
  • 200 VAC to 525 VAC
  • 380 VAC to 690 VAC
  • Internally bypassed up to 220 A
  • In-line or inside delta connection (auto-detect)

Inputs and outputs

  • Remote control inputs (3 x fi xed, 1 x programmable)
  • Relay outputs (3 x programmable)
  • Analog output
  • Communication modules using Profi bus, DeviceNet, Modbus RTU and USB protocols (optional)

Easy-to-read display with comprehensive feedback

  • Multi-language feedback
  • Multiple status screens and performance graphs
  • Date and time stamped event logging
  • Operational counters (number of starts, hours run, kWh)
  • Performance monitoring (current, voltage, power factor, kWh)
  • User-programmable monitoring screen

Customisable protection

  • Motor overload
  • Excess start time
  • Undercurrent
  • Instantaneous overcurrent
  • Current imbalance
  • Mains frequency
  • Input trip
  • Motor thermistor
  • Power circuit
  • Phase sequence