2014 01 07

Contract to supply CO2 analisers according programms OUTER BORDER FUND SPECIAL TRANSIT SCHEME 2012 ANNUAL  PROGRAMM PROJECT ISF 12/ "Renovation of 1 and 2 border control lines equipment" and OUTER BORDER FUND SPECIAL TRANSIT SCHEME 2012 ANNUAL PROGRAMM PROJECT ISF 12/3.1.2-1.3 "Renovation of 1 and 2 border control lines equipment" has been signed on January 7.

 2013 02 15

We are already 20! 

JSC "Agava" started to build up its story on February 8th 1993. Three brave and resolute people were determined to achieve their goals and create an innovative, customer-oriented company. 
    After a few years of operation, brave customers and skilful team of developers made it possible to automate not only the individual fragments process lines and entire production lines.
    In 1996, the first "smart home" or automated building management project carried out in Lithuania.
    In 1997, the first project outside of Lithuania executed.
    Today AGAVA is pleased with:    
            ·         loyal customers
            ·         smart employees
            ·         reliable partners
            ·         good performance figures.



2012 11 05

Project "Optimization of UAB "Agava" Operations Implementing Information technologies" partly financed by EU and Lithuanian budget has been completed and computerized project management system was developed and implemented. Productivity shall increase and planning process will become easier when employees will acquaint to work with the system.

2012 10 22
Agava took part in the international fair Green Expo devoted for renewable energy which was held in Kiev on October 16-19.

2011 11 30
The contract with Kaliningrad municipal utility Vodokanal has been signed on November 15, 2011 Agava is assigned to supply automatic process control system and laboratory equipment for Kaliningrad WWTP.


2011 11 30
The contract for sludge treatment process automatic control system design and installation in Panevezys WWTP has been signed with Ekra AB on November 11, 2011. 

2011 07 13


UAB Agava has signed contract VP2-2.1-ŪM-02-K-02-116 with LVPA to finance project "Optimization of UAB Agava Business Processes Implementing IT Solutions" from UE structural Funds. Project value – 260250 LTL and aid intensity is 50 percent.
Aid of EU Structural Funds and Lithuanian state budget will be employed to develop and implement System of Project Management which will increase productivity.